Sunday, October 20, 2013

Where are your prints?

God is miraculous and marvelous.  He created each of us with a unique set of fingerprints.  No two people have the same fingerprints.  Even identical twins, have different fingerprints while sharing similar DNA markers.  Think about this a minute.  How many people are alive right now on the planet? No two fingerprints are alike.  How many people have already lived and are no longer here on earth?  No two fingerprints are alike.  Consider that...GOD IS SO AWESOME!  It's God's very own trademark on each individual human being.  GOD IS SO AWESOME!

So where do you leave your fingerprints?  When God begins to process your life for your prints, where will He find them?

For those of you who do not know me, I am in the Criminal Justice field.  Therefore, I work with, look for and deal with fingerprints on a regular basis.  Evidence.  Fingerprint "evidence" discovered at a location confirms the presence of an individual.  Where would God find your prints right now if he were to conduct a "crime-scene-investigation" on your life?  Would they be on the choir stand pew?  How about the broom handle in the church closet?  Or the Nursery door?  What about on the telephone?  from calling a sick and shut in or from gossiping with a friend?  Would they be on the door of a night club? Or perhaps a magazine of questionable content?  Would they be found on your bible?

Take a few minutes right now and analyze your life.  Think about today, even moments before reading this blog.  What have you done to help someone else or  to allow someone to see Jesus in you?  Where will your prints be found?

Our fingerprints don't fade from the lives we've touched.  What type of touches have they been?  Good?  Bad?  What impression are you making in this world today?

Where will He find YOUR prints?