Saturday, November 2, 2013

Are you willing to let go of your Isaac?

The sacrifice of Isaac put Abraham to his most agonizing test, a trial which he passed completely because of his total faith in God.  I dare to even imagine God asking me to slay my daughter!  The faith of Abraham is incredible.  It is easy for anyone to say what they would or wouldn't do until they are in the heat of the moment and must make the decision.  I would love to think that I am willing to do whatever it is that God asks of me, when he asks.  I know for myself that I can say that is not the case. 

Are you willing to let go of your Isaac?  Self-examination-time... what IS your Isaac?  What are the things that you adore the most?  What if God asked you to let go of it/them?  Is He asking you to give up something that you refuse to give up?  That is a lot to think about. 
Abraham walked in faith and obedience to God.  Obedience.  I can't help but wonder what must have gone through Abraham's mind as he drew closer and closer to the location he was directed to in order to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Wait a minute.  The ultimate sacrifice?  This is a picture of what God did for us!  He DID give the ultimate sacrifice! God sent his one and only be sacrificed for the atonement of our sins.  God asked nothing more of Abraham than what He eventually did for us. 
So, setting self there anything that God could ask of you that costs you too much?  Are you willing to let go of your Isaac?

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