Saturday, November 16, 2013

Communication with God is a Two-way Street

Healthy relationships require communication.  Prayer is an essential part of your communication with your heavenly father.  Communication is a two-way street.  Let's first look at the talking part of it.  Just like a relationship with a friend or loved one, we must talk to the Lord.  That is commonly called prayer.  We talk with our friends or loved ones to get our point across, to explain things, to make our wishes known, to share information.  Now, if we have a friendship with someone and we never talk with that someone, how are we supposed to know things about them?  How do we deepen the friendship?  We talk.  How do you know what their favorite color is unless you have had that conversation?  How do you know that they are sick? Or maybe that they have just gotten their dream job?  We talk; by phone, via text or face-to-face. 

The other part of this essential element called communication is listening.  It is much more simple to speak, but it takes practice to listen.  Effectively listen.  Listening ensures the other party that you are sincerely engaged and invested in the conversation.  Listening takes practice!  I know that for myself, I am easily distracted by thinking about what to say next or by what I have to do when I get home, etc.  Notice how much of the distraction is because of ME!  I have to purpose to listen, to put aside MYSELF for a few minutes to invest in a relationship. The same thing goes for when you are communicating with our Lord.  Not only can we freely talk to Him about our struggles or the needs of others, but He speaks to us.  A still, small voice.  We must LISTEN!  The closer your relationship with the Lord, the easier it is to recognize His voice, His prompting. 

God is so good!  He will never leave or forsake us. He listens and He speaks.  How often do you talk to the Lord?  Do you listen for His voice?